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How does the app work in lightning vs classic mode?

APREDIO tools work smoothly in both lightning and classic mode. The current client base of ARPEDIO tools consist of approximately 50:50 lightning to classic users. However, new and exciting lightning components will and are beeing developed that are not compatible with classic mode.


What is the difference between ARPEDIO Sales and Matrix?

ARPEDIO Sales is the "Best practice" product that allows the user to take full Account/Opportunity/Pipeling management control in Salesforce.

ARPEDIO Matrix is the Stakeholder management tool that gives Sales reps complete overview of the stakeholders involved in a deal.


Do our apps work at the parent or hierarchical level of the accounts?

The applications can work both on the parent and hierarchical level of your accounts. It is possible to have one seperate assessment framework for parent accounts and one separate for child accounts.  It all depends on the setup and the ARPEDIO team will be happy to assist you and tailor a solution to your needs. 


Does the data in your Salesforce organization stay in your Salesforce servers? 

Company data always stay in the Salesforce servers. Installation of ARPEDIO tools will not alter any data or change the way your data is stored in your org. 

There is an option to store timestamp data in Heroku which is another Salesforce owned server. Doing this could after some time of ARPEDIO usage allow for tracking of how deals/accounts have evolved over time. Data science and AI can use this data to figure out the most impactful parts of your sales process, providing valuable information for future engagements.


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