Matrix version 1.44 (May 28th, 2019)

Matrix version 1.44 includes several new features that will improve the user experience:

  • Matrix drag and drop. Team members can now be moved to the left or right in the heatmap by simply clicking on their name and dragging them to the preferred location. This greatly increases the customizability of the stakeholder heat maps.
  • New matrix wizard allows selection of any org contact. Previously, only related contacts for an object could be selected in the matrix wizard. Hopefully this will increase the ease of use for several users.
  • Matrix auto update. When a user makes a change in a stakeholder matrix, the changes are now automatically saved such that the user does no longer have to worry about clicking the save button between changes.

We hope you enjoy these changes to improve the user experience and performance of ARPEDIO Matrix. If you experience any issues with the new updates please contact us at

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