Sales version 3.35 (May 28th, 2019)


Sales version 1.42 includes several user experience improvements:

  • Adjustable column width in Sales heat map. When many fields were chosen in a view, the heatmap would become compressed on the right side. Now the user is able to drag the columns of the heat map to customize the view as needed.
  • New task directly from Sales heat map. A feature that has been missing to create an ease of use for sales reps. Now users can create tasks to follow up on assessments directly in the Sales heat map.
  • Ability to filter on checkmark fields in the heat map. A neat quality of life change that enhances the heat map filter functionality.
  • Save object and view in Sales heat map. When working in the Sales heat map, objects can be accessed and then altered by the user. Now, when the user returns to the heat map, the heat map displays the last object and view used, enabling a smooth workflow. This will heavily reduce the amount of clicks a user has to make in the daily routine of working with ARPEDIO Sales.

We hope you enjoy these changes to improve the user experience and performance of ARPEDIO Sales. If you experience any issues with the new changes please inform us of your issue via 

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