Matrix version 1.55 (October 16th 2019)

Matrix 1.55 includes three new feature fixes and an additional data retrieval fix that some users were experiencing. 

  • The VF component for the Contact object now shows all matrices related to that contacts account. 
  • When an object with an existing matrix is deleted, the matrix still showed up under the related matrix entry in the Matrix. This is now filtered out. 
  • If stakeholders were present in matrices for custom objects, the name of the matrix would not show under related matrices in another Matrix. Now, all names are retrieved. 
  • On some occasions, the heat map was unable to retrieve the Matrix score, thus displaying only N/A in the heat map. Even though there was an existing Matrix with assessments and a score. A SOQL query was added to ensure that the heat map is always able to retrieve the Matrix score.   

We hope you enjoy the changes and if you should experience any issues or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at 

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