Matrix version 1.36 (Aug 29th, 2016)

Multiple templates and data fields for internal sales team members

With the new 1.36 release of ARPEDIO Matrix, we have added some new features and implemented bug fixes.

One of the new features introduced in the 1.36 version is that you are now able to run the ARPEDIO Matrix with multiple templates, which you might be familiar with from ARPEDIO Sales. This means that you can use one template for one group of accounts and another template for another group of accounts. The selection of template is controlled by a picklist field, e.g. Type on the account. You can use any picklist field, including a custom field. You enable this feature in the template set-up.

Besides multiple templates, we have introduced data fields for internal sales team members. This feature allows you to add additional information about your internal team members such as their role, position or whatever you wish to add. Simply click the name of the internal team member and add the desired information. 


As of major bug-fixes, we have implemented solutions to:

  • Layout breaking with very long titles 
  • Allowed for more than 50 contacts in the matrix wizard
  • Std. user download to excel error


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