How to add ARPEDIO Sales to the navigation bar in lightning experience


If you are user of the new Salesforce Lightning experience and user of ARPEDIO, then you maybe wish to add shortcuts to the ARPEDIO features into the navigation bar. 


Here is how you do it

Navigate to Setup Home by clicking the little cog in the upper right corner


Then search for Navigation in the search field and select Navigation Menu

We now have to create a new Navigation Menu setup. In the upper right corner you select New


Give your new Navigation Menu a name and description

Select the elements you wish to include in your menu. To easily find the ARPEDIO Sales elements search for Sales, ARPEDIO and White Space


When you're done with building your new Navigation Menu, press next. 

You're now close to finishing your Navigation Menu. Select the users that should have this menu and press Save & Finish.

When you have saved your new Navigation Menu refresh the page. Your menu should now be updated with all your desired elements and ARPEDIO Sales shortcuts. Enjoy




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