Sales version 3.19 (May 17, 2016)

Pipeline management within the Sales heatmap

We have added new features to the heatmap to support pipeline management. First of all you can add a status field to the heatmap, and edit this directly in the heatmap by clicking on the field.

You can use this status field in the filter, and e.g. only include the Committed deals in the view. Combine this with the new summation feature in the heatmap to get your current total value of your pipeline.

You can show the summation of any currency and number field for the object. The summation chosen is saved with the view together with the filters.

You define the options for the new status field, as well as the header for the field in the Sales template, as shown below. There is also a more extended guide.

Overall reflection note and radar chart in the heatmap

We have added a new pop-up when clicking on the Overall score for a record in the heatmap. This pop-up has a textbox for overall reflection notes; and previous notes are saved in a Chatter-like feature below the textbox. In addition we are displaying the assessment area scores in a radar chart for an easy overview of the assessment.


After upgrading your current Sales app to this version, you need to enable the chatter feed for the overall notes field. Please follow this guide.


Heatmap can show who and when made last assessment

We have added two new fields to the heatmap:

  • Assessed by: name of the user making the latest update to the assessment
  • Assessed date: date of the latest update to the assessment

You can the fields to any view using the Edit view function.

Download button added to the Whitespace screen

Finally we have added the download button to the Whitespace detail screen. The download to Excel includes the full assessment, where the whitespace overview is a separate tab page.

Bug fixes

We have fixed a number of bugs:

  • Update is missing in whitespace detail screen for currency field
  • Error message on heat map is shown below the visible part of the screen
  • Whitespace template: adding new column remembers previous column title
  • Scroll icon missing in WhiteSpacing tool
  • Vertical scrolling in heatmap does not work on iPad
  • Whitespace report does not support & sign in column titles
  • Whitespace report - new view is not chosen after creation
  • Whitespace report view shows wrong field names



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