How to show ARPEDIO fields in a list view?

Say you want to include the overall ARPEDIO score in the list view like below. This guide explains how to add one or more ARPEDIO fields in the list view, e.g. for accounts.

You can add the overall score, the area scores, the last assessed date and other ARPEDIO fields in the list view for an object. You do this by creating a custom field on the object with a formula set equal to the relevant ARPEDIO field, and then you include this custom field in the list view.

In the example below we will create a custom field on the account, with a formula equal to the overall ARPEDIO score. You will need system admin privileges to do this. 

First you go to Setup menu, choose Customize, then the relevant object, e.g. account, and then Fields. Click New to create a new custom field.

Choose Formula as the field type.

Choose the format as a Number, when you are about to include a score in the list view. If you want to include the last assessed date, then the format should be Date/Time.

Enter a field label and a field name, consider the number of decimal places, choose Advanced formula, and click on Insert field.

In the pop-up you can find the ARPEDIO fields under ARPEDIO assessment>, sorted alphabetically. The area scores are saved as Element score 1 - 15 (as the number of areas may vary between template versions). Click Insert when you have selected the right field, e.g. Overall score.

Click Next.

 Mark the user profiles, who should have access to the new formula field. Click Next.

Finally, you choose whether to include the new formula field in the page layout. Click Save.

You are now ready to create a new list view and to include the formula field in this.


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