Sales version 3.12 (April 6, 2016)

New report on whitespace assessments

When you have mapped out your current positions within a number of accounts in the whitespace tool, then you can use the new whitespace report to get an overview across accounts.

The report lists all whitespace assessments made, showing the detail fields for every combination of column (product or service offering) and row (region, business area or the like) for an account, then the same detail fields for the columns and rows for the next account, and so on.

You can define views and filters like you are used to from the Sales heat map. However, you can only filter on one column at a time; due to a technical limitation in how the data are stored, you cannot define a combined filter on multiple columns, and you can only sort on the account name. If you have more advanced needs for analyzing the data, then you should download the whitespace report into Excel and do your analysis there. 

Better scrolling in Sales heat map

Previously the column headers disappeared when scrolling down in the heat map. Now the column headers always stay on top of the page.


Deleting Sales template versions

Now you clean up the overview of Sales template versions, deleting versions which are no longer relevant.

You should be careful about deleting template versions, as there is no way back when a template version has been deleted. You can read more about what to consider when deleting versions in this article.

Bug fixes

  • Percentage character in label causes error in whitespace heatmap
  • Recalc suggested actions when opening the assessment screen
  • Long assessment area text show wrong in filter pop-up
  • Clicking the same score in heatmap does not save changes to assessment
  • Editing views returns to the default view
  • Heatmap views are not saved consistently
  • Error in colouring of stages when suggested stage is final stage
  • Whitespace template: Column name cannot contain &
  • Account field not available in heatmap for custom object
  • View definition has entered Account field instead of Name field
  • Whitespace detail screen does not include all columns
  • Whitespace columns cannot span more than two screens
  • Heatmap cannot filter on date field
  • Different bugs when making Sales assessments and displaying the Sales heat map on iPad and iPhone
  • Page counter in heatmap does not consider the subtype
  • Tooltip does not show the text N/A
  • New views in heatmap for leads cannot show phone and email data for leads
  • Heatmap download to Excel does not show grey background for partial answered areas
  • Rounding difference for score in Excel download compared to assessment screen
  • pop-ups for New task and Chatter look wrong when initiated from whitespace details screen
  • Heatmaps - alignment of ARPEDIO Assessment Area abbreviations
  • Padding missing in hi-level question
  • Sales heat map crashing if template changes number of assessment areas
  • Sales heatmap view cannot save filter



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