Sales version 3.0 (February 23, 2016)

New user interface in Lightning Design

It is easier to use, easier to navigate and it looks great! We have completely changed the user interface for the ARPEDIO Sales app to follow the Salesforce Lightning Design guidelines. Please note that you do not have to first upgrade your Salesforce org to Lightning - the new version of ARPEDIO Sales will work on Salesforce Classic and Lightning, and look equally beautiful on both platforms.

The new assessment screen integrates the assessment questions and the suggested actions in one view. We also made it easier to jump from one assessment area to the other while keeping your overview of the complete assessment.

We have enhanced the high-level assessment (only one question per assessment area), so now you can also enter a reflection note for this high-level question before going into a full assessment.

The Sales heat map is also in the Lightning Design. The functionality has not changed - you can switch between heat maps for opportunities, accounts, leads and any other object type, where you have enabled ARPEDIO Sales. You can create views to add or remove fields from the heat map, and filters to only show specific records in the heat map.

You can dive into a specific score. Change answers to the questions or enter a reflection note where needed.

Other changes for the system admin

We also made two other changes for the system administrator:

  • We have included the tab and app accessibility settings in the permission set, so you no longer have to assign tabs and the ARPEDIO app to the user profiles; this eliminates one step in the setting up ARPEDIO Sales for users.

  • You now can manage access to the notes fields - both the notes for high-level assessment (one question per assessment area) and the notes on each topic in the full assessment. See this guide for how to manage permission to Edit or Read these notes.
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