Sales version 2.39 (November 26, 2015)

Renaming Consolidated Report to Sales Heat Map, and introducing Views

The tab page has been renamed to Sales heat map. This way you can distinguish it from the Matrix heat map in case you have both applications installed.

We have copied the View and Filter functionality from the Matrix heat map. In the Sales heat map you can define your own views, choosing which fields to include in the report, and filters, choosing which rows to see in the report.

Changes to the task creation

In addition we have changed the planning section of the Assessment screen: if you enter the Plan screen for an Assessment Area, then the list of suggested actions is for this Area only. If you enter the Plan screen from the Assessment overview, then the list of suggested actions will include actions for all Assessment Areas.

Summary report for an assessment

Download the assessment and the planning for the opportunity or account, into an Excel spreadsheet. You can use this to share the assessment and plan with others, who do not have access to ARPEDIO Sales or to Salesforce. Or you can use this for cut-paste the assessment and plan into a Powerpoint presentation for a review meeting.

Changes to the Sales template

When publishing a new template version, you now get a warning in a pop-up window.

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