Matrix version 1.13 (November 5, 2015)

New heat map in Matrix for Stakeholder Management

We have launched a completely new feature in Matrix: the heat map. This makes it easy to analyze the quality of relationships across deals and accounts. The heat map is introduced in this video tutorial.

You can define different views of the heat map, selecting fields and applying filters, to zoom in on the deals and details most important to you. Currently views are personal to the user, thus you can only see the views you have created yourself. We are working on a feature for sharing views, so the system administrator can build views and make them available for other users.

Some very useful fields to include in a view would be the Score, Date for last update of the Matrix and who last updated.

Changes to Matrix screen 

The Header in the Matrix screen will now include the name of the account or the sales opportunity. 

To improve the quality of the relationship with the stakeholder, you can assign tasks directly to your peers or yourself. By default ARPEDIO's suggestion for "Assign to" is yourself. 

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