Setting up the status field

In the Sales heatmap you can include a status field, which you are able to edit directly in the heatmap. Use this for reviewing the forecast status, account retention status or similar, while looking across e.g. your pipeline of opportunities in the heatmap.

This article explains how to configure this status field in the Sales template.

Go to Sales templates, create a new version, and press the Status field button.

If the status field is being configured for the first time in this template version, then you will see a screen like below.

  • Enter a title for the field - this name will be shown as the header for the field in the Sales heatmap.
  • Click the Add new status field value to begin entering the values to pick from when using the status field in the heatmap.


When adding a status field value, you need to:

  • Fill in the Name for the value, e.g.: Committed, Upside, Long shot etc. All the values added will be available for the user as a picklist for the field in the Sales heatmap.
  • Choose a color for the background of the field in the heatmap
  • Mark one of the values as the default value

You can rearrange the sequence of the values by drag-and-drop each line in the list of values. You can edit and delete existing values using the icons to the right.

Please note, that if users have been including the status field in their filters in the heatmap views, then they may have to redo these views, when you change the values for the status field; the users could be filtering on a status field value, which you have deleted or changed.

You may choose to also show the Status field in the object layout screen, eg on the opportunity page layout like shown below.

You do this by configuring a custom field on the object. This should be a formula field where the output is a text. You should not use the same name for the custom field as the field header in the heatmap (which you have defined in the Sales template) as this will lead to two identically named fields in the heatmap, thus causing confusion for the users when editing heatmap views.

You define the formula to be an insert field, Status label, from within ARPEDIO assessment under Advanced - as shown below. 

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