How to update your ARPEDIO app?

We are continuously working on improving ARPEDIO Sales and ARPEDIO Matrix to ensure optimal functionality and improve the user experience for Sales reps. You can find notes detailing the content for each new release in this section.

To update your ARPEDIO apps, login to AppExchange using your system admin credentials for the relevant Salesforce org. Click on your user icon in the top right corner to open the menu. Click on My Installs & Subscribtions

You are shown an overview of the apps installed in your Salesforce org. Click on the Filters tab and choose Updates available. Click on Update Available to update the app.

You will need to accept the standard terms and conditions for both ARPEDIO and Salesforce. And you may need to login again - use your system admin credentials for the relevant Salesforce org.

Finally you will see the upgrade page, showing the currently installed version of the app and the new version. Press Upgrade.

The upgrade may take a while. When finished, the bug fixes and new features will be available to all users with the ARPEDIO license. You may need to do some configuration to set up the new features; this will be explained in the release notes.

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