How to set up the whitespace tool

The whitespace tool is a special type of Area within a Sales template. 

You can only have one whitespace area in the template, and this will always be the last area in the list of areas.

Now click on the blue edit icon to the right of the whitespace to continue.

The whitespace tool is set up in a number of tab pages:

  • Set up: defining the headers for the rows and columns in the tool and the rules for the green / amber / red status flag.
  • Columns: defining the titles for the columns in the tool. Please note that it is currently not possible to have different sets of columns for different types of accounts; all whitespace tools will show the same set of columns.
  • Options: defining the different options to be toggled through for each intersection of row and column.
  • Detail fields: defining the fields in the detail pop-up screen.

The Set up tab defines the rules for the status flag. The system reads the date for the last update of the whitespace tool, and sets the status flag to green if the number of days since the last update is less or equal to the first number.

After this number of days, the status flag will change to amber. Unless the whitespace tool is updated, the status flag will stay in amber until the number of days equal to the second number. Then the status flag will change to red.

The Columns tab defines the titles for the columns in the whitespace tool.

The Options defines the options to be toggled through in the whitespace tool in each of the intersections of rows and columns. You can define as many options you like. One of the options must be set as Default.

The Detail fields tab defines the fields in the pop-up screen, when pressing the Detail button for a row in the whitespace tool. You can define as many fields as you like, and you can choose between four types of detail fields:

  • Attribute - this will show a drop-down menu of possible options
  • Note - a text field, e.g. for comments
  • Currency value - a value field, e.g. for entering the potential commercial value of an open opportunity
  • Percentage value - a percentage field, limited to 100%, e.g. for entering the probability of an open opportunity

You can define one or more fields as required - meaning they must be filled before leaving the detail screen.

For the detail field type Attribute, you define a number of options. One of the options must be set as default.

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