About Rules

The rules are an elementary and important part of getting the maximum value out of the plan and assessment. 

Based on your assessments, the rules trigger what actions will be suggested. Thus, the actions are chosen based on a ruleset that provides the most relevant actions for your situation. 

Be aware, that the rules are defined by your system administrator.

Below is an example of a rule that triggers an action:

This rule triggers when your score is lower than 2.0 in the area in question, which in this case is called "Relationship'. A suggested action for this focus area will then be  'Identify and develop a coach in the sales organization'

A bit more about rules

The rules can be defined in various ways. Rules can be defined to trigger based on areas (as this example), on topics or specific questions. Also the rules are defined to trigger on scores either higher than, equal to, or lower than.

Last but not least, actions can also be triggered by more than one rule. E.g. you can have rules that trigger an action based on a score higher than 2.0 but lower than 3.5.


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