Sales version 3.08 (March 15, 2016)

Different templates for different groups of objects

We now have enabled different templates for different groups of objects, eg. accounts. Now you can use one template for one group of accounts and another template for another group of accounts. The selection of template is controlled by a picklist field, e.g. Type on the account. You can use any picklist field, including a custom field.

In the example below, a different template is used for all accounts, where Type equals Prospect.

You can also define different templates for accounts with other values for Type, e.g. Customer, Partner etc. A default template is used for those account types where a different template has not been published.

We call this Multiple templates, and it works for any object type, where you are using ARPEDIO Sales: accounts, opportunities, leads, custom objects etc. You enable it in the template set-up, and the details are outlined in this guide.

When Multiple templates have been enabled, it will have an impact on the heat map for that particular object. The heat map will split the object records, e.g. the accounts; you cannot have accounts of one type in the same heat map as accounts of another type, if the two types use different templates. The reason being that the assessment areas in the two templates can be different, thus comparing assessments across two templates does not make sense.

When multiple templates are enabled for accounts, then the heat map will include a new selection field. Choose Default to see the account types not using a different template, or choose Prospect to see the accounts using that particular template.

If you have defined any views prior to enabling Multiple templates, then these views will only apply to the Default selection in the heat map. You will have to define new views for the Prospect selection.

Better action planning

We have changed how the suggested actions work. After having added an action from the list of suggested actions, then the action will stay in the list but marked as Added.

When you have completed the action, then either:

  • The action will be removed from the list (no longer show as Added),


  • The action will be suggested in the list again, if the underlying rule in the template is still met 

As suggested actions are now shown in the list as Added, we have locked the subject line. Thus you cannot change the subject when adding a suggested action.


Finally, we have made a change to the assessment screen. Normally it will show a pane with suggested actions in the right side of the screen. But when the template contains no actions, then this pane will always be empty. In this case the pane will be hidden.

Bug fixes

  • Permission set for multiple template not setup correctly #258
  • Not possible to install Sales v3.6 on a Professional Edition #256
  • Layout inconsistent if Answer text is long and breaks into two lines #232
  • Actions suggested not in accordance to rules defined #235
  • Suggested stage is shown in stage layout even when no questions are required to reach a stage #228
  • VisualForce page for opportunity stage layout in detail screen is empty #227
  • Filter in Heatmap for opportunity on account field Starts with and Contains does not work #225
  • Whitespace - enter deletes regions #223
  • Lack of shortcut 'create opportunity' in whitespace lightning #222
  • Heatmap - pressing Enter after name for new view deletes fields instead of saving the view #193
  • Whitespace: error when using & in the name of the row #91
  • Performance issue in assessment screen when many (more than 50) suggested actions
  • Stage path should be visible if there is no suggested stage #215
  • The collapse/expand button for suggested actions do not behave consistently #210
  • Assessment screen - can't see the guide text fully #209
  • Heatmap loading icon disappear too soon when opening an assessment #208
  • Some special characters are not supported in view names for heatmap #206
  • Sales template - it should not be possible to change an existing area to whitespace #204
  • Layout bugs in the assessment screen #203
  • Download of assessment to Excel does not work for custom object with a master-detail relationship to Account (no owner field on custom object)
  • Error is pagination when there are more than one page in heatmap report #199
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