Matrix version 1.28 (January 22, 2016)

Enhancing the matrix

Ever needed to know a little more about a stakeholder in your matrix? Now you can - by simply clicking on the name you get all the information stored in Salesforce: contact details, open activities, roles across opportunities etc.

In addition we have cleaned up the layout of the matrix screen, making room for more team members and stakeholder attributes on a single screen and keeping the rows to a consistent height.

Change to Matrix heat map

We have made it easier to change the heat map views:

  • now you can drag-drop the fields in the selection screen to change the sequence of the columns in the heat map
  • when creating a new view, we have included the default fields as a starting point. You can add additional fields from the left pane showing all available fields, and you can delete any of the chosen fields from the heat map


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