Sales version 2.5 (January 25, 2016)

New tool: Whitespace

To facilitate account management we have launched a new tool: whitespace. This is designed to map out your current position within an account:

  • where have you deployed your different offerings?
  • where do you face competition?
  • where do you see open opportunities?

You divide the account into e.g. regions, divisions or functional areas as rows in the whitespace tool. The columns are your set of products or services. In this matrix you can define your competitive position and identify the white spaces. Based on this input you can create new opportunities, tasks or chatter messages, all directly in Salesforce.

In addition you can add details to each of your positions, specifying a potential commercial value, the exact competitor, comments etc.

The whitespace tool is fully configurable via a template. The template controls the labels, columns, options and fields for the detail screen. This way you are in full control of the level of detail required and you can adapt the tool to your terminology.

Change to Sales heat map

We have made it easier to update several assessment areas in the Sales heat map. Clicking on an assessment score in the heat map will open a pop-up screen with the topics and questions for that area. You can change answers to questions in this screen for one assessment area. When you click on another assessment area in the same row in the heat map, then:

  • your changes to the current assessment area will be saved
  • the score for the current assessment area will be updated
  • the pop-up will stay open but now show you the questions for the next assessment area.

This way you can easily click through the assessment areas and make the required updates.

We have made it easier to change the heat map views:

  • now you can drag-drop the fields in the selection screen to change the sequence of the columns in the heat map
  • when creating a new view, we have included the default fields as a starting point. You can add additional fields from the left pane showing all available fields, and you can delete any of the chosen fields from the heat map

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