Matrix version 1.22 (November 26, 2016)

New Screen for Editing Notes in Matrix

We have introduced a new notes field for the overall matrix to supplement the notes field on the stakeholder details. Use this overall notes field to capture consensus and common perspectives amongst your stakeholders. You define the headers for the two columns in the template.

The notes view is the third view in the Matrix screen. We have changed the icon for toggling between views to reflect the next view in the sequence: Relationships,Stakeholder details and Notes|.

Summary report

Download a summary of the matrix into an Excel spreadsheet. The summary report includes the relationship view, the stakeholder details view and the notes view. You can use this to share the Matrix for an Opportunity or an Account with others who do not have access to ARPEDIO Matrix or to Salesforce. Or you can use the summary report to cut-paste into a Powerpoint presentation for a review meeting.

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