How to include assessment scores in standard reports

If you have access to build reports (Reports > New report) in Salesforce, you're able to include data from the assessments made in ARPEDIO Sales. Below guide explains how to achieve this.

When selecting the Report Type, you need to select the one with the object in question and the line "ARPEDIO assessment". An example is shown on the image below where the type "Account and ARPEDIO assessment" is chosen.


Afterwards, you should pick the fields relevant for your report by clicking in the field "Add column" and simply selecting the fields.


It could be relevant to include some of these fields:

  • ARPEDIO assessment: Overall score
  • ARPEDIO assessment: Suggested stage
  • ARPEDIO assessment: Created by / Last modifed by
  • ARPEDIO assessment: Created date / Last modified date

When you are done, press the blue "Run" button in the top right corner.

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