What to remember before publishing

Once done with your template, you can publish it, which enables your team and colleagues to view and interact with it. 

A good idea is to publish your first template as a "test-template". Because once a template is published, it is locked for editing. If you want to edit after publishing a template, you need to create a new template.

Here is a checklist before rolling out your template: 

  • Is the template covering a holistic perspective of your opportunity?

  • Is anything missing that could be relevant in order to meet your opportunity

  • Does everyone agrees upon and understands the internal and professional phrases used in the template? E.g. "relationships" versus "stakeholders".

  • Can any questions be misunderstood or are they clear and to the point?

  • Have you tested the template on a test-group in order to check everyone
  • Has the template been proofread?


Are you in doubt? Don't be. You can publish as many template versions as you like, and thereby test various versions of a template before rolling out the final one. 
Still in doubt? Let us know, and we'll be happy to assist you.


Now, you're ready to add the sales process as a handy visual feature to detail screen. Here's a guide. 

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