I cannot see the ARPEDIO Sales or ARPEDIO Matrix app/tabs?

The ARPEDIO apps include a number of tabs:

  • ARPEDIO Sales app includes Sales heatmap and Sales templates
  • ARPEDIO Matrix app includes Matrix heatmap and Matrix templates

If you (or any other user) cannot see one or more of the ARPEDIO tab pages, then please use this checklist to find the missing setting. Use the same checklist if you cannot see the ARPEDIO app in the app menu:  

  1. Do you have the license for the installed package? Check in Setup -> Installed packages, under Managed licenses for either ARPEDIO Sales or ARPEDIO Matrix. Does the user in question have a  license for the apps. In addition check that the license has not expired.
  2. Do you have the correct permission sets? Check in Setup -> Permission sets, that you have assigned the relevant permission sets. The permission sets included in the package are listed below:
    • ARPEDIO Sales app and Sales heatmap tab are included in permission set ARPEDIO assessment user
    • Sales templates tab is included in permission set ARPEDIO template administrator
    • ARPEDIO Matrix app and Matrix heatmap tab is included in permission set ARPEDIO Matrix User
    • Marix templates tab is included in permission set ARPEDIO template administrator

  3. Have you customized your tabs? You may have customized the tabs, and unselected any of the ARPEDIO tabs. Check under Customize My Tabs in settings if the ARPEDIO tabs are selected. 
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