What happens to the existing assessments if I change a Sales template?

You can publish a new version of the Sales template, but this will impact the assessments already made with an earlier version of the Sales template.

Changing texts

You can edit the phrasing of the questions, as well as the texts used in topics and areas.

In editing questions you should only rephrase in order to make the meaning more clear. If you want to change the overall meaning, then you should create a new question and delete the old question.

If you change the overall meaning of a question, then you will have a mismatch between the new text and the current assessments made by the users. In addition, you will have no way of telling whether the user has answered the old or the new question.

Changing importance

You can change the importance of the question, topic and area. However, doing so will change the assessment score of the elements above.

Here is an example: If you change the importance of a question from Low to High, this will increase the weight of the answer to the question. This is seen when calculating the score of the topic above the question. Once the topic score changes, this will also change the score of the area above the topic.

Finally, when the area score changes, this will also change the overall assessment score.

Adding new elements

Adding a new question, topic or area to the template will appear as N/A in the current assessments. In addition the overlying element will be shown as not fully assessed (the score has a grey background).

You cannot save an assessment for an area before all or any questions within a topic have been answered. In the example below you should either answer the New question or set all questions to N/A.

Deleting elements

When deleting, in this case, a question, topic or area from the template, the assessment scores will change as the relative weights of the remaining elements in the template change. The new assessments are calculated automatically by ARPEDIO when publishing a new template.


Adding or deleting Answers

If you add or delete Answers in the template, all assessment scores will be changed because the relative weights of the answers change. See this link about the importance and score.

In addition, deleting an answer will also mean that all questions with that answer will be reset to N/A. 


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