How to customize, filter and create views in the heat map

The heat map makes it easy to analyze the quality of relationships across deals or accounts. Though, if you have many different account assessments in your heat map, you might wish to customize and filter the view to only show you what you wish to see or even create your own view from scratch. 

In order to change the view, it is important to understand that the heat map is defined by a view. This view is then defined by the fields selected and the order chosen for these fields.

Customizing and/or creating a new view

Let's start with customizing the view by following the walkthrough below.

You can easily change the order of the different fields as you wish. Likewise, is it easy to pick the fields you find relevant. 

Remember to save your view, when you have selected the fields you want and ordered them.

You have now created your new personal view. From now on you can either make multiple new views for different purposes or simply edit the current view.

Filtering the view

You have now customized your view so you only have the fields you wish to see on your heat map. Though, maybe you still wish to filter your accounts on the data presented by the fields. If so, then let's filter them!


When you select your filter you will have various options. In this example, we have chosen to filter our opportunities with an amount equal to $10.000. Press enter to apply your current filter. If you press save you will save the view and filter together.



Be aware: Views are personal to you – other users cannot see your views, and you cannot see the views made by other users.

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