How to create a new Matrix

When having installed ARPEDIO Matrix and setup the template it is time to make a matrix for an opportunity.

The first time will be a clean slate. The Matrix score is N/A (Not Assessed) and no team members or stakeholders are visible.

First find the opportunity you want to assess under then ARPEDIO Matrix heat map and click under the score.


 You will now be guided to the "Wizard". First add the stakeholders to this opportunity. If there already exists previous opportunities with the same account the Wizard will suggest these.
Choose the stakeholders and click Next.


Next, select the types of stakeholders in order to categorize them and click Save & next.


Next is to analyse each stakeholder in the matrix according to the template used.
After click Save & next.

 Now, add your team members and click Save & Finish


 Toggle between stakeholder attributes and your team to see relations and access. 


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