About the score

The matrix score measures the current state of completeness of your stakeholder map. The score is influenced by:

  • The number of stakeholders identified across the different stakeholder types: Approver, Business Buyer, User Influencer etc.

  • Your level of engagement with each of the stakeholders: How is your access, what is your cadence of meetings, what is their level of support for your solution etc.

  • The intensity of relationships between each of the stakeholders and your team members: How many of your team members have excellent relationships with the stakeholder.

Over time your team will be working with the stakeholders and you reflect your joint progress by updating the stakeholder analysis with their new state of access, cadence, support etc. Thus the matrix score will move from 0 being no stakeholders have been identified, to 5 being the ideal state of the stakeholder map. 

NB: The score of the matrix is controlled by calculation rules set up by your system administrator.

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