How to provide access for ARPEDIO Support to your system

When you have reported an issue to ARPEDIO Support, we may need to look into your system in order to find the root cause for the issue. You can provide us a time-limited access to your system by following the steps below.

Please note, that we will get the exact same access as the user, who is providing us the access. If you are the system admin, and you provide us access using your own user, then we will have full system admin access to your system. Thus, please consider for which user to provide us access.

Providing access for ARPEDIO Support

When you are logged into your system, open your user menu in the top right corner of the screen and click on My settings.

Open the Personal section of My Settings and click on Grant Account Login Access.

Locate ARPEDIO Solution Aps Support in the list, and choose for how long we should have access. Once done, click Save.

And that's it. 

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