How to start an assessment

To start an assessment follow on of the two paths below:

  1. Heat map > opportunity detail page > click assess 
  2. Opportunity detail page > click assess


The advantage of using the heat map (the first path) is that it gives you an overview of all your accounts, leads or opportunities. Thus you can strategically choose, which one to assess. 

NB: If you’re making a new assessment scores will show as N/A, this means not assessed. 

Once done, you'll see something like this:

Here you can pick where you want to start your assessment. The different areas in the bar, with the scores. Click one of these to start the assessment.

Note: In this window you are also able to see the current and suggested stage.

Go through each topic and question and then click save.

When you make your assessment, you have the opportunity at each topic to add a reflective note about your answers.

Are you familiar with High-level assessment? If not, here is a guide.

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