How does the heat map work

To forecast accurately and see how to move your deals along, click on the tab Heat map.

Here, it is easy to analyze your pipeline and to determine and act on accounts strategically in an objective way.

Basically, what the Heat map helps you to do is to give you a simple spreadsheet with all your opportunities, accounts and leads listed.

In the heatmap you now also have the opportunity to select heatmaps for different templates within the same object. These are selected next to the object. e.g heatmap for opportunities and the template concerning new businesses.

Best practice

  • What is now best practice to do is to list your e.g. accounts in either important or less important. Weight the accounts against each other and rate them based on the score from your assessments.
  • Now, which accounts are now the most strategic ones? These are not necessarily the biggest ones.

In the upper left corner you can filter your report as you may wish. You can also download your report as an Excel file in the right side.
Click on a score of an Area to open the selected assessment’s Area.

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    Jacob Marshall

    Is there any way to generate reports of this data via a schedule? Also are the area scores query-able? I'm looking into mapping these values over time during the sales process.

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    ARPEDIO Support

    Hi Jacob, yes you can query the area scores and other data from the assessments, and you can include these data in Salesforce reports. This article explains how to do that:

    Kind regards

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