How To Configure Field Level Security On A Custom Field

As ARPEDIO release new versions of Sales and Matrix, we may be introducing new custom fields. 
When you upgrade your current version of ARPEDIO to the latest version, the newer fields introduced in the latest version are hidden. This is a default behavior in Salesforce when managed packages are upgraded. 

In these circumstances, the field level security (FLS) on the custom field needs to be explicitly changed and made visible to the appropriate profiles.

Following are the steps regarding how to configure FLS on a sample custom field. 

  • First, go to the appropriate object. Afterwards, go to the Custom Fields & Relationships
  • Click on the custom field name, which you want to customize and make visible.
  • Click on the Set Field-Level Security
  • Make the field visible to appropriate profiles and hit Save

Repeat the above procedure for all the newer custom fields and as a result they become visible on the page layouts to appropriate profiles.

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