How to create rules

You can define rules based on

  • Answers to Questions
  • Score of a Topic
  • Score of an Area

and you can build complex rules using AND/OR logic.

  1. Choose the type you want to base your rule condition for: Be it an Area, Topic or Question.

  2. Select the item from within the Element you want to create this rule for.

  3. Enter the condition for the rule to be true.
  4. When the composite rule is true, then the Action will be suggested.

Here is an example

Below are two rules for a single action.

  • The first rule consists of two conditions, which are separated with “and”. In order for the action to be suggested, both conditions must be true.
  • The second rule has only one condition.

In order for the action to be suggested, EITHER both of the two conditions for rule no. 1 must be true OR rule no. 2 must be true.

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