How to create an action plan

One of the benefits of ARPEDIO Sales is the ability to coach the sales rep on what to do next: Suggesting actions dependent on the assessment by the sales rep. This is done under the Arpedio sales templates.

Using a default template? Simply tweak it by clicking on the blue edit icons or delete focus areas/actions if necessary. 

For every Area, you define Actions to be suggested based on Rules. The Actions are organized in Focus areas.

Focus areas

Within each question or perspective below an assessment element a set of focus areas should be found. 

These narrow down a focus however, are not yet concrete or practical.
Focus areas should be broad enough to form an umbrella covering a set of actions.

The example below shows 4 focus areas within the Area Relationships and 5 Actions in the first focus area:


Actions should be executable, specific and practical. They are the call to action depending on how one has answered the assessment.

Whether an Action is suggested to a sales rep or not is controlled by the Rules.

If the answer to a Question is “Not started” then actions are suggested.

What to have in mind while building an action plan

  • In order to have accomplished a certain topic or area, a sales rep has most likely lived up to best practice. Map out your organization's best practice. 

  • Turn your organization's best practice into action-oriented tasks. 

  • Think of what is needed below each area or topic in order to reach highest score or to create the most idealistic scenario for the opportunity.

  • Rather have too many action than too few. Thereby sales reps can pick and choose the most relevant for their current stage.

Once you have created an action plan, you're ready to tweak it with rules. Click here.


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