How to set up rules for the score

The matrix template contains a number of rules for calculating the score.

  • You can define as many rules as you want. Each of the rules can be met or not met.
  • When no rules are met, the score is 0; when all rules are met, the score is 5. 
  • You can adjust how meeting a rule contributes to the matrix score by setting the level of importance.

If wanting to design personal rules to your own template click the "Rules" tab of your template and click "Add new rule"

The default template contains 12 rules in total, organized in three sets, where each set evaluates a type of stakeholder in the map:

  • 4 rules regarding User Influencers
  • 4 rules regarding Business Buyer
  • 4 rules regarding Approvers

The set of rules per stakeholder type have the same structure, reflecting 4 stages in progressing your relationship with that stakeholder type:

  1. You have identified the stakeholders
  2. You have access to the stakeholders
  3. You have an excellent dialog with the stakeholders
  4. The stakeholders support your solution.


The syntax of a rule is to check whether a number of stakeholders (rows in the matrix) meet criteria regarding:

  • Level of engagement, in terms of stakeholder access, cadence, support etc. You can combine any of the stakeholder attributes for this criterion

  • Intensity, in terms of how many of the team members should have a specific relationship to the stakeholder.

Here is an example

In the example below, the rule “Business Buyer in favor” is met, WHEN one or more stakeholders

  • Have the options shown for the three attributes Stakeholder type, Access and Support level


  • Have a Good relationship TO at least two team members (columns in the matrix).

Each of the rules can be met or not met; thus the contribution to the matrix score is not influenced by over fulfilling the rule.


Now you're almost done. Click here to learn more about rules or click here to wrap up your Matrix.

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