How to create questions and stage triggers

Questions narrow down the topic within an area even further and thereby make it action-oriented and practical.

Questions are also where you concretize best practice into actions. Two of the same questions can have the same value, though be tweaked linguistic in a way where you're in no doubt what's best practice. 

What to remember when creating questions

  1. A good thing to have in mind is, that questions below a certain topic should fully cover the topic.

  2. Make a quick brainstorm regarding what needs to be done in order to meet best practice within your organization before writing the questions.

  3. Furthermore, the questions should be spot on and clear. Move out all passive terms and  abstract words and find someone to test your questions on.

  4. Another focal point is to limit the number of questions in total. Otherwise it can quickly sum up. Discuss with your sales reps how many questions are needed.

  5. Also make sure that the question are "closed questions".


You can fully configure how you answer the questions e.g. Not started, In progress, Completed or similar. Just click on the tab Answers. 

What you might be interested in at this point is to take a look at the Action plan. Here's help.

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