How to set up a default template

Hit the Menu bar in the upper right corner and choose ARPEDIO Sales.

Now click on the tab page Sales Templates.


Choose an Object, which you want to assess with ARPEDIO.
NB: If this is your first time creating an ARPEDIO template, you need to add a record to your Remote Site Settings. This enables the object to connect with the assessment.

Here you choose to import a best-practice template.

If you choose to import a best-practice template, then it will be saved as version 1 and published immediately. To change the template you need to create a new version, make your changes and then publish this new version.

If you choose to create a blank template, you start by creating your first element, and then add areas, topics and questions. Here is a more in depth guide of how to set up a blank template.

The following are examples of a template

First you see the 5 areas.

Under each area there is a set of topics.

Each topic has a set of questions.

To edit a line, simply click on the blue icon.
To delete a line, simply click on the red icon.

Click here if you want to know more about Areas, Topics or Questions.

Now, either you can continue straight forward and create questions and stage triggers or enable high-level assessments. You decide. 

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