How to add ARPEDIO Matrix to detail screen

You should add the Matrix section to detail screen for each of the object types, where stakeholder mapping is relevant, e.g. to the detail screens for Account and/or Opportunity.

NB: To add this feature make sure you have created and published an ARPEDIO Matrix template for the object type.

The explanation below is for the Opportunity object type; the same step-by-step guide can be followed for other object types relevant for stakeholder mapping.

Click on the Opportunity tab and open any opportunity.
Click on the Edit Layout link to change the page layout.

Create a new section by drag and then drop it in to the desired location. Give the section the name ARPEDIO Matrix.

Choose a 1-column layout.

Choose VisualForce Pages in the menu and drag-drop the ArpedioMatrixBasicOpportunity into the new section. In addition, drag-drop the Arpedio1MatrixBasicOpportunity into the section Mobile Cards (Salesforce1 only)

Click the Save button in the Opportunity Layout section.

The ARPEDIO Opportunity Assessment section is now added to the Opportunity page and will look something like the following image, once an assessment has been done.

And that's it.

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