How to create a new template

Hit the Menu bar in the upper right corner and choose ARPEDIO Matrix.


Next, click on Matrix templates in the upper left corner.

Typically, you would want to create a template for Account and/or Opportunity, but you can create templates for any Salesforce object.

Best practice is to use the default template, and then edit this as you see fit.


But you can also create a template by building it yourself. 

Add a new relationship type

  1. Hit the button Add new to add a new Relationship type
  2. Name the Relationship type and choose a color to describe it.
  3. Decide whether this is the default type.
  4. You can reorder the types by drag-drop.
  5. Once done, click Save.


Be aware that one of your Relationship types must be default; this will be used when new stakeholders or new team members are entered in the matrix.

If no relationship type is chosen, the first type will be used as default.

The way you sort your options, is the same way, as they will be presented in the ARPEDIO matrix.

Best practice is to place your default type in the top.  


Now you're ready to add stakeholder details. Click here. 

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