How to add a new task to your plan

To add a task in ARPEDIO, simply click “Add task” next to the action you want to add.

Additionaly, you can make you own tasks by clikcing the "New task" button.

All the tasks you create are added to "My tasks" directly in your Salesforce dashboard. 

Below is an example of an assessment and action plan.

The power of the Action plan

The power and value of ARPEDIO Sales shines through in the post assessment process . Based on the scores of your assessment, a plan with suggested actions is created in order for sales reps to make decisions on how to further develop a sale. This is the power and value of ARPEDIO right in your palm!

Based on your answers, ARPEDIO will display a number of focus areas that contain a series of associated actions that reflect best practices and winning techniques to move a sale forward to a successful close.

The rules, which trigger an action, can be fully customized by your Salesforce admin.

However, this is the default rule:

  • Questions answered “Not started” result in relevant actions for closing information gaps and building support.
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