About stakeholders

Stakeholders are the key persons that can be affected by your actions. 

They constitute the rows in the matrix.

  • When entering stakeholders you can search for Salesforce contacts on the account. You can also search for contacts across the entire org, thus you can enter external consultants and other contacts not associated directly with the account.

  • If your stakeholder does not yet exist as a Salesforce contact, you can easily enter the contact details and continue mapping your stakeholders.

  • When entering stakeholders you must assign them to the main attribute, which is used for grouping stakeholders in the matrix.

  • Your system administrator may have defined other required attributes to be filled in when entering a new stakeholder.


Next step: Analyze

Take a moment to reflect upon your stakeholders.

What is their role? How is your access to them? To what extent do they support your solution? And so forth. 

In ARPEDIO Matrix you choose the relevant option for these stakeholder attributes, and thereby share your reflections with your team.  

Over time your team will be working with the stakeholders and you reflect your joint progress by updating the stakeholder analysis with their new state of access, support etc. This will gradually increase the matrix score.

NB: Your system administrator defines the attributes for analysing your stakeholders.

How many stakeholders do you need to identify?

Karl Schmidt, Brent Adamson and Anna Bird published this article on the Harvard Business Review. Making the Consensus Sale.  They conducted four surveys of more than 5.000 stakeholders involved in B2B purchases. 

We highly recommend you read the article. One of the conclusions: On an average 5.4 people have to formally sign off on a B2B purchase. 

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