How to customize custom labels

Custom labels are the caption on buttons, bars, and headlines etc. These can all be customized and/or translated.  Go to Setup and search for custom labels or find them in the left menu.

  1. Go to your Setup menu.

  2. Search for Custom labels.

  3. Click Custom labels and find the ARPEDIO labels. These are all represented with "ARPEDIO" in the name. 

  4. Select a label by clicking on a label name. Eg the default text for the reflection note field is named: ARPEDIO_Placeholder_question_comment

  5. Hit the button New Local Translations/Overrides.

  6. Select Language and write your Translation Text.

  7. Click Save.

Now, do this for all the custom labels you want translated and/or customized. 

And that's about it. 

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