About high-level assessment

By enabling high-level assessment you can create one question for each area, which captures the core of the areas. 

The high-level question thus covers the most important question of all the questions within a particular area.

Using a high-level assessment is extremely handy when on the go, as your sales rep gets a quick sense of the situation e.g. on a way to an important meeting. 

However, high-level assessment never becomes a substitute for the detailed assessment template. You can enter the high-level assessment question under the edit page of specific areas. In the image below you would simply enter the question in the "Enter high-level question" field.



NB: You enable high-level assessment in Template settings

Note: By making a full assessment you’ll lose your current high-level assessment score. Moreover, if you make a full-assessment, then it’s not possible to later on make a high-level assessment.


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