How to add ARPEDIO Sales to your detail screen

In order to get a straight answer of how well you are performing on each of your opportunities, we recommend adding the cool and incredible helpful ARPEDIO visual features.

The example below is for adding the ARPEDIO Assessment page to the Opportunity Detail screen, but the principle is the same for all object types.

Follow below steps

    1. Click on the Opportunity tab and open any opportunity.
    2. Hit the button Edit Layout in the upper right corner.

    3. First, click and drag a new Section block to where you want the visual feature.

    4. Give the section the name "ARPEDIO Opportunity Assessment" and choose 1-column for Layout.

    5. Select Visualforce Pages to show a list of available pages

    6. Choose one or more of the layouts and drag-drop them into the new section:
      • ARPEDIO assessment Opportunity shows the assessment scores

      • ArpedioWhiteSpaceLayout shows the whitespace button, if the whitespace tool is activated in the Sales template for this object type

        Some of the pages are prefixed with ARPEDIO1, meaning that they are designed for Salesforce1 and to be used on a mobile device. You can drag-drop these pages into the block "Mobile cards":

      • ARPEDIO1 assessment Opportunity shows the assessments scores in Salesforce1


Once done, click Save.



And that's it. 

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